Month: December 2018


The Facts about Poker Cheating Live and Online

It is human nature to be concerned when money is involved, and Poker being what it is, it is only natural that people will be anxious about their dollars. However, the fact is that there is nothing to worry about, as the facts will bare out.

When people talk about Poker cheating it is best to distinguish between live card rooms and those online. Cheating in casino Poker nowadays, with all their high tech cameras, video surveillance equipment, security personnel etc, is impossible. The fact is that the cameras used in most casinos and Poker rooms in Las Vegas can not just zoom in on a player, but, as in the case of slots, right down to the coin being inserted.

Collusion in live Poker rooms therefore, is impossible and players need not worry about being cheated there. Because the gambling establishments are owned by major corporations, you will also rarely, if ever, even hear of a client complaining about not being paid his winnings.

As for online Poker, cheating is also very difficult to pull off. These sites are also owned by giant companies that invest heavily in their security. Also, the software that they use for dealing the cards are top notched. The reason for this is that these online gambling sites will actually make more money by playing it fair.

Why? Because by ensuring that players get a fair shake, the online Poker sites will get more players to sign up, which translates to more players participating. This puts more rake money in the pots, more sponsors come to their and help them make money.

So by playing it fair and square, online Poker rooms make money, and so do players, which makes it a win-win proposition. Ripping the players off their money will not earn them as much. This is such a simple concept, yet a lot of people do not comprehend it; these sites are in it for the long run, and they will only thrive for the long term if players keep coming back to their sites. This can only happen if people actually win.

Poker cheating, by and large, is a thing of the past. There will be those that will attempt it, but they rarely succeed anymore. Cheating by players, sites or casinos is something that you will rarely see happen once you actually go out and play. So there is no need to worry; just go to your favorite casino or online site, and play away.

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