Month: November 2018


Recognizing Different Types of Poker Players

Having the ability to read players of poker is a skill that requires some time to realize and master, but the more you season as a player, the more you will grasp some characteristic styles of players. There are three kinds of poker players that you will encounter in a regular poker game.

The Aggressive Player

Aggressive players will exert every effort to control and pressure you and attempt to lure you into their game. They will commonly raise or fold, which will impact other players by forcing them to call or muck.

Exceptional aggressive players display great confidence, and can be Great aggressive players show a lot of confidence, and can be intimidating opponents during high stakes situations. If given the opportunity, aggressive players will manipulate each of your move and will get all your bankroll.

The one thing that you can do to beat the aggressive player is to show them that you are not intimidated, and practice their style of play. Identify your cards, read the other players and give your opponents a taste of their own medicine.

The Conservative Player

The conventional player is a player who only takes essential risks, and will not make foolish bets if the cards are not beneficial. The conservative type is someone who has knowledge of the fundamental rules and displays some skills in memorizing and analyzing. When their hand has the best odd, they will usually emerge without being noticed and then wins the pot.

When competing against a conservative poker player, you will realize that they will frequently fold rather than gamble, so be aware of the silent opponent who keeps up within the hand thoroughly checking and calling in the initial rounds, then ups the stakes in the closing rounds.

The conservative player is methodical and should not be taken for granted.

The Juvenile Player

The juvenile player is possibly the most recognizable player as their style of playing lacks maturity, argumentative, oozing with confidence, reckless and stupid. Juvenile players will rarely win one of the highest offers, takes foolish risk and is commonly the first to go bankrupt. They can easily be taken advantaged of.

After discussing the three kinds of player, you can now assess to what kind of poker player you belong to. Different games offer different rules so find out the rules before playing. Some poker players can be taken advantaged of. From time to time, players can switch their character depending on the availability of players.

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