Month: May 2018


Placing a Wager in the Blackjack Game

The dealer will not give you any cards until you have put a wager in the betting box in front of you. You are not allowed to touch your bet after the cards have been dealt. Once the hand is over, and the dealer has paid the winners, you can remove your chips and place another bet.

Sometimes, when you first sit down, a dealer will not deal you a hand until after a next shuffle. This is done to thwart back counters. A back counter is a card counter who loiters near a blackjack table keeping track of the count without actually playing. When the count turns favorable, he takes a seat and bets heavily. Casinos don’t like card counters, and they especially hate back counters.

CSMs were especifically designed to foil all card counters, so you can always sit down at a CSM table and begin playing right away. Since you will be a basic strategy player, CSM table is a suitable for you as a conventional multiple the game.

Table Etiquette In Blackjack

At the start of each hand you must put a wager in the betting box.If you are also slow in doing this ,modest dealers will gently remind you, but it will also hold up the game.Some dealers may assume that you intend to sit out that round and bypass you entirely on the deal.

Once the dealer starts distributing the cards ,you may not touch your original bet .If you do,you will be admonished .This is because one method of cheating is to change the amount of the bet after seeing how good a hand was dealt.

Whenever the player’s initial cards are dealt face up,which is true for all multiple deck and CSM games ,you must never touch your cards.The dealer does all the card handling.This is another anti-cheating rule.

Avoid commenting on a stranger’s hand or his playing actions.Doing this will only bring you grief and resentment.Nost players think they know how to play well and don’t appreciate criticism especially from a stranger.If someone does do that to you ,either ignore them or try to make light of it.

If you are seated at third base, you must be a little thickskinned.Some gamblers think that because it is the last hand before the dealer plays,the third baser must play his hand correctly or the dealer will win more often.”Hey,that king you got would have caused the dealer to bust!” is a typical comment.As though you knew what the next cards was going to be!The fact is,the third base player’s actions will hurt the dealer as often as it helps her,no matter how badly he plays his hand.

“The third base position is even worse in Germany. There, most gamblers think it is”

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