Month: April 2018


Game Rules In Casino

When you have settled on your betting limits , the next step is ti find a table with decent playing rules.You can determine if the dealer hits or stand on a soft 17 by looking at the information imprinted on the felt table-top.The other rule that is always imprinted is the insurance side bet.

This rule is immaterial because it never changes and you should never take the insurance wager. So, what about the other rules?The slow way to find out is ti watch the play of the game for a while;fast way is ti ask the dealer.Sometimes one or two rules are posted on the Table Limit placard.

Using the information that you have about the games you should have no trouble finding a game with reasonable rules.Actually, if you just avoid game with outrageous rules, such as less than a 3 to 2 payoff for a natural, you will almost invariably be playing a game in which the houses has significantly less than a 1% advantage.

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