Month: February 2018


Korean Comedian arrested because he played illegal online gambling

A popular comedian was arrested by police in Korea, Su was accused of taking more than $ 100,000 loan from a casino in the Philippines to play high-stakes baccarat in September.
Animator named Shin Jung Hwan correan will be convicted and risk up to three years in prison and a fine of $ 18,000.
This news has created a scandal in the Korean community because it has
laws strict anti-gambling, which include a ban on citizens to play gambling in casinos overseas. All forms of online gaming is prohibited in this country however there are sites that provide illegal gambling. Earlier this month, was arrested on a website hosting provider of online gaming.

Shin Jung Hwan was not only arrested for this and other Korean celebrities have also been convicted of illegal gambling activities. Some of these include celebrities and Kang Byung-hun, a popular TV host, he was convicted because he played online Baccarat. He received a suspended two years as punishment, and they need to perform 160 hours of work

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