Month: January 2018


Free poker guide

How to win more poker games using the most common sense obvious strategy you have never heard of…
What can that possibly be? A new way to play pocket pairs maybe?

Actually no. In fact, it is more case of only play in game you are good enough to win. That is it!
Try not be the sixth best player in the world who never made any money, because he only played the top 5!

Strategy rules

Bankroll: If you cannot afford to play 5/10 dollars do not do this! Move to an affordable level and good enough to you.

Skill: Can you beat this level? If it is “no”, then move down, practice, refine and shine and move up again.
Then choose your tables wisely: Look for tables with error makers and/or lose and passive play.

Of course, that’s going to be harder as you move up your skill but you will better too and it becomes relative…as long as you are better than the table in general you will score.

This is not going to be a good thing as being a professional player if you play great players; in this way you are going to be get cleaned out.

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